Unlock insights

Turn data into decisions, instantly

Connect to your data in seconds

Facet connects to modern streaming data platforms and the leading cloud data warehouses.

Intuitive user experience

A no-code, intuitive UI makes exploring live data easy for any user  to point-and-click their way to insights.

Accelerate time-to-insight

Facet is powered by modern cloud-based data infrastructure software, designed to process trillions of events and deliver answers in under a second.


Easily connect your data to Facet

Facet integrates directly with streaming sources like Segment and Kafka as well as modern cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift (all coming soon) so that you can start exploring your data in minutes.


No-code analytics for your whole team

Empower anyone on your team to grow your business faster. No need to use SQL or other query languages. Facet enables business teams to directly ask questions from their company’s data.


Sub-second response times to complex queries

Facet uses best-in-class data infrastructure to power instant insights for your team, no matter how large your data set or how complex your query. Gone are the days of hitting “run” and waiting for queries to load.