Instantly Explore Your Data

Facet provides an easy way to quickly analyze massive data sets without complex ETL or custom code required. This allows your team to better decisions much faster.

The world's best companies explore trillions of events in real-time every day with Facet

How can Facet accelerate your business?

Facet helps you explore how your business is evolving in real-time. Gone are the days of relying on static reports and dashboards, now you can explore your data to determine the “why” behind the “what.”

Find Hidden Revenue

Facet helps you quickly understand trends in your business that allow you to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Increase Efficiency

With our tool you’ll be able to uncover ways to find cost savings across your business on an ongoing basis.

Optimize Customer Acquisition

Monitor attribution in real-time across various channels to optimize new customer acquisition strategies.

Unblock Customer Success

Point-and-click your way to insights to make better, faster decisions for your customers.

What our customers are saying

Modern businesses depend on Facet to run more efficiently, answer complex questions quickly and empower their teams to make better decisions.

Mark Connon
EVP of Platform Business Verizon

Facet's technology is helping us drive greater awareness for our clients and improved operational efficiencies.

Ari Paparo
CEO and Founder Beeswax

Our clients see transparency as extremely important - Facet plays a key role in boosting transparency that really completes our offer.

Matt McLaughlin
COO Double Verify

In our business, buyers are looking at any possible data insight they can leverage to improve performance.